Release of Liability

We encourage, nay, we implore you to use our products to go out on adventures. Slay dragons, rescue maidens, loot ALL the bodies. But please be advised that Dice for Denizens is not responsible for the following:

  1. Natural 1's
  2. Low roles that, due to poor stats, result in negative numbers
  3. Murder hobo's who fail to escape the long arm of the law
  4. Needing to re-roll a new character twice in one session
  5. Knocking the body off a cliff, thus failing to recover it's 1337 loot
  6. Ticking off the DM
  7. Ticking off the players
  8. Forgetting who did what last session
  9. Forgetting to make concentration checks
  10. Nat 20's....actually you can thank us for those!