Dice for Denizens

"Come in and grab a pint! Sit down and I'll tell ye all about the mighty beasts I've slain, and if you really ask nice, I'll take you along on my next adventure! Of course, we need to outfit you first! Worry not, here you'll find everything a first time adventurer might need."

Roll the Dice!

Beware the Beholder's many eyes!

There is an impossibly high number of ways to play a campaign, but so long as you are having fun, nothing else matters. You might end up in Mr. Purple's lair as his sworn enemy, but imagine how much fun it would be to try and let the Bard woo him into submission. Give it a try!...(and let us know if it actually works!)

"That's Mr. Dragonslayer to you!"

Let your players take on tough challenges. There is nothing more rewarding as a DM when you throw a difficult task in the party's way and they manage to overcome it in some crazy scheme you never saw coming!

Light or Dark?

Will you play guardian for the pompous noble and protect him from bandits? Will you make a pact with the bandits for a share of the noble's money? Or will you kill him and take all the gold for yourself?